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About us

Two generations with a total of some 90 years of professional expertise are running SOLIMER® so you can be at one with your skin. Founded as a family business in the Baltic city of Kiel, SOLIMER® concentrates on highly effective cosmetics with marine active ingredients. “If it’s useless, we don’t market it,” says Simone Pirwitz, the junior executive, summing up the company’s principles.

The predominant active ingredients of the different lines of care products come from “Effect Algae”, extracts from oyster shells or sea holly – and without using any skin-stressing substances: clear values the family represents.

“I’ve been asked repeatedly what kind of wonder I had done with my skin,” a customer once said to Maren Pirwitz, SOLIMER® senior executive, long-term practising cosmetician. “It is our aim not only to improve each customer’s skin condition but to make the excellent result our care products obtain visible for a long period of time. It’s a great affirmation if customers tell you just this.”

Family Business in the 2nd generation
Herbal Product naturally pollutant-free
Made in Germany highest quality standard

“I grew up at the seaside, have always been fascinated by the sea, and it feels like home for me when I smell the salty sea air. Being a merchant, cosmetics came into my life only late – and I’m amazed again and again about the effects of marine substances in cosmetics, I wouldn’t have dreamed of this,“ says Bernd Pirwitz, SOLIMER® senior executive. “What drives me is the passion for effect.”

SOLIMER® Algae-Effect Cosmetics. To be at one with your skin – conceptual cosmetics with marine active ingredients. Made in Germany.